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Adidas bot

yCopp helps buy and sell carts with limited edition Adidas products or just favourite Adidas sneakers. It provides users with an opportunity of recouping expenditures on buying yCopp bot through yCart - cart selling platform.

Wanna get best sneakers made by Adidas and wear cherished three strips on your feet? Bro, there are some problems: they are always sold out! Fortunately, that’s not a reason to worry about because you have YCOPP bot!

It allows you to be the first to get the latest Adidas releases at the highest speed! The service is optimized in a way that enables stable and high-quality work. Be sure to have the fastest bot without any bags and crashes.

Actually, YCOPP has a feature that almost any other bot doesn’t have. It is aimed at people who prefer saving their personal information, especially debit card data. There is a unique platform where you can buy coins to pay for the goods. They are equal to the amount of money that you invest. You don’t share any card numbers and don’t risk your money to be stolen. Creators of the bot guarantee the full safety and fast speed! The service also provides you with an invitation to the special Discord chat where you communicate not with support only but also with a great community of hyped shoes’ lovers.

If you are ready to purchase the bot, prepare your €99 for the renewal license, €369 for the ultimate version of the bot and €199 for the additional activation.

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