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Trick IO

Supreme Bot

TrickIO is a Supreme bot for Windows only that is under construction. The team announced that no restocks are planned in a foreseeable future, because TrickIO is in beta and doesn’t work perfectly.

Supreme shopping is so enjoyable, but at the same time tricky. Whatever you are willing to purchase, it seems to be sold out all the time. Thursday sale is not also an option: crowds of people are ready to run over you and six-hour wait in the long line is the last thing you want to do. You definitely need another trick to crop the desirable Supreme goods - Trick bot.

The simplest interface that there has ever been. It is handy for both beginners and advanced users. There is the sidebar menu with five options for editing settings, creating tasks and monitoring them, controlling profiles and proxies. Yes, yes, Trick bot supports proxies. The anonymity enthusiasts and blockage phobias can scream out triumphantly ‘Hurray’. Choose a proxy when you add a task.

To create a task you need to fill out details about a desirable item: category, color, size. In the keyword finder, you can notice one more feature ‘Negative color’. It is undoubtfully absent in other bots. Having filled it out, you inform the bot what color of the item you do not want to cop in any way. It’s rather useful if you don’t hunt for the certain color.

The more we can buy, the better. You can add multiple tasks and start them simultaneously. After the tasks addition, you can easily manipulate them and control their status, or even stop one of them. What is more, Trick bot supports multiple profiles, so you can use your most favorite one when adding a new task.

Trick bot simplifies your shopping process. Proxies support, multiple profiles, precise keyword search – all in one.

If you have Windows (unfortunately only for Windows owners) and you are into Supreme shopping, buy Trick bot. TrickIO Interface

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