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Swarmbot offers Supreme bots for all Supreme lovers. There are two options: lifetime version, which costs $100, and 6-months version (the price is unavailable). The team assumes that no restocks are planned. The bot supports only Windows OS. Available regions: Supreme US and EU.

Here is another Supreme bot for Windows — Swarm Bot. The product is still in developing, so this is closed beta for now. Website is under construction, visiting shop is allowed only for Discord members. Anyway, we can get some info from twitter, so here we go.

Paid copy was meant to be for $100, purchase available via Paypal or Credit Card. Also 6 month copies were in sale.

Application has smooth and simple UI, light and dark themes (as Day and Night mode). Search by ID, keywords, size, color. Proxy support, multiple accounts, multithreading and captcha bypass are the features which will manage your copping. Also Chrome extension is supported in Swarm v. 0.2.

There were many giveaways and paid copies in autumn, now restocks are not in plans — developers decided to make a pause until they will be confident and comfortable that everything has been fixed and works as it planned.

It doesn’t mean that you have no chances to get the bot. Developers promise tons of stuff in coming weeks and months. Swarm team was generous enough, there were flash giveaways, password-required limited paid copies and so on. Follow twitter, keep notifications on and just wait a little until the application will be ready to invite new customers. Swarm Interface

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