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Use your MacOS devices for autocheckouting Supreme products. Download Superior bot on your device and it will add items to the cart and complete the order. Create your own schedule and fulfill multiple tasks with Superior Bot. Regular tips, updates and news on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter won't let you lose anything important about Supreme.
  • - Hey, Superior! Add these pretty shiny items to my cart and complete the orders!
  • - Done!
  • - Do you need a browser for checkout?
  • - No! I am able to do that for myself!
  • - Can you manage my shopping at a specific time?
  • - Sure! Just give me a task, I’ll wake your gadget up and do everything, don’t worry! Remember that amazing pair of sneakers? They will be yours in the morning ;)

If you are Mac user and you’ve been sick of never-ending bits of advice about installing Virtual Machine or server setups, NikeBandit has good news for you. Superior is an iOS-only bot for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with no jailbreak required. Actually, NikeBandit specializes on iOS and Mac — other platforms are only in plans.

NikeBandit website welcomes us with a suggestion to join their newsletter. News, updates and sales will be sent directly to your email. Anyway, we are in search of actual information, and here it is.

$150 for unlimited tasks, free updates and support. But also $30 fee for seasonal renew. Insights and tips are also yours, just choose your favorite media source: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You will receive one license, but you can switch devices if necessary.

NikeBandit provides weekly reliable keywords for anticipated releases. Superior supports multi-threading, so you can use them at the same time.

Smart little helper will do all the work on Supreme US, EU, JP. Visit the Testimonials page to check customers' feedback on Superior and Bandit AIO Bot.

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