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Supreme Bot

Stormcop is the most advanced Chrome extension for copping Supreme products. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows. Stormcop is an automated bot system that is able to make selections, checkout automatically and pay instantaneously. It runs almost absolutely automated processes, from refreshing at drop time to submitting the order.

Sick of the same clothes and wanna get something unique and hyped? Just imagine: you can be the first to purchase the last release by Supreme! Wow, sounds cool, doesn’t it? Bro, that’s not a dream because you can get access to Stormcop Supreme Bot. Just a few words about this miracle ;)

Stormcop is an automatic bot that informs you about any new Supreme items. It works amazingly because:

  • Stormcop is available on all platforms, unlike many other bots that work with IOS only.
  • You can use keywords to find whatever you want. Any color, any size, any category.
  • Found several items? No problem, the multi-item mode is here!
  • There is no necessity in saving big data – only one extension in your Chrome browser.

But it is so boring to refresh the site of Supreme for hours... Don’t care, it is a piece of cake for Stormcop! This bot can even automatically fill and submit the order. Support always smiles and is ready to answer you 24/7. So the only thing you have to do is to be happy ;) It’s difficult to be sad having such a nice service. Stop shelling out, it costs only $99.99! It is certainly the best investment in your life. Check it yourself ;)

StormCop Interface

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