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sScout is an auto-checkout application that helps people to add to a cart desired products. It is very easy-to-use and user-friendly cross-platforms desktop app that searches products, chooses right keywords and do everything for you to have limited Supreme stuff. Don’t be afraid to face some problems as far as sScout team provides its users with private discord channel for talks and bugs.

sScout is a Supreme application, working on Windows and MacOS both. Now it’s in Alpha status, but already has a couple of thousand followers on Twitter.

sScout website appears extremely... red! So getting any information about the product becomes a kind of challenge.

The price is $100 per season, updates are free while your membership is activated.

The only screenshot on the webpage shows us that for that price we’ll get an unlimited number of tasks. Supported countries are US, CA and UK. Customers receive an invite to a private Discord server, where they are free to ask questions and report bugs.

Advantages and features:
- both Mac and PC supported;
- mobile app + desktop application;
- fast;
- easy-to-use;
- simple design;
- multithreading;
- unlimited tasks;
- proxy testing;
- proxy support;
- browserless checkout;
- captcha harvesting;
- keywords search;
- product search;
- auto updating.

- still Alpha;
- user-unfriendly website visual;
- seasonal fee;
- no news since March.

So the application may serve you well if you’re going to use such software for a couple of seasons. Mobile apps must be probably convenient and helpful, but we have no opportunity to know anything about them from the website. As well as we can’t find there an option to purchase sScout. sScout Interface

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