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Sole Retriever Raffle Guides
Sole Retriever provides raffle guides for hard-to-buy sneakers and hyped goods. If you always wanted to obtain limited edition streetwear or shoes, but had no money on bots and proxies, then this friendly software will help you.

Sole Retriever is the only team that cares about users’s success, but not personal income. All that you can see on the official website, twitter page and Instagram accounts - is the result of teamwork of people who are in love with their work.

So the main task of Sole Retriever software is to provide reliable raffles by monitoring and updating the results. On the website you’ll find the list of stores, that are affiliated with Sole Retriever.
And by purchasing from these shops with the help of provided links you are killing two birds with one stone: 1) get desired item for the best price; 2) thank Sole Retriever for good work by paying very small commission.

This is the small part of all affiliated websites:
SoleRetriever Sites

Get hard-to-find goods with the most reliable tool.

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