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Sole Links is one of the fastest software that provides users with reliable sneaker links. The main idea of such kind of software is to inform sneaker lovers about upcoming releases. Follow Sole Links Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages and monitor that type of news via your favorite app.

Sole Links is an Android and IPhone App, that aims to help all sneaker lover get desired items. Of course you can use it as just a webpage in your browser, but it is much more convenient to download it on your smartphone and have access to all features at hand.

The main idea of such kind of software is to inform sneaker lovers about everything connected with limited edition items.

First of all, it provides details about upcoming and past releases. So within the border of that category you will find the price of the item, available colors, date and sites where you could buy the product.

The next category is calendars. Here you’ll find well-grouped information about all items. You do not need to gather all details by yourself with Sole Links calendars.

Also if you want to know more about retailers and alerts, on that website there are a lot of useful info upon that themes too.

By the way, the app is absolutely free, you can download it on the Google Play or Apple Store .

Make sure to follow all Sole Links pages for regular giveaways and more information.
Be notified about forthcoming limited edition product releases and be ready to cop in the forefront.

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