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Sole AIO

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Sole AIO is a multithreaded new version of the most advanced All-In-One bot on the market. It supports: Adidas; Supreme; Shopify; Selfridges. This software is compatible with Windows only, but great developments and features are coming soon.

Sole AIO is an All-In-One Bot that the community takes as an upper-middle bot.

It supports:

  • Adidas (UK, US, CA, RU, AU, DE, IT, CH, ES, MX, SK and more regions);
  • Supreme (UK, US, EU, CA);
  • Shopify (Custom, Palace EU and US, Minishopmadrid, Funko, DSM EU and US, Bodega, etc);
  • Selfridges (all regions).

When you visit the website you see only password page for Group Buys, restocks, exclusive drops or special form for staff to enter the website.

Sole AIO restocks normally once a month with 30-60 Licence Keys and retails for £200($260), but if you want to renew your subscription after it has expired (half a year normally), you will have to pay £50 every 6 months in order to have access to updates and some features.

This software is compatible with Windows only , but great developments and features are coming soon. The bot is written in C# and uses .Net framework in combination with the best technologies on the market so that you can cop!

Also, Sole AIO provides Adidas account generator , so you are willing to purchase as many items as you wish, and automated captcha harvesting will help you in this mission. By the way it has a very close relationship with Adidas products, as far as almost 1.5-2 years ago it was just an Adidas bot.

This software resells quite good for $400-450 on Cook Groups marketplace so if you have a chance to buy a copy I recommend to get it as soon as possible so you can use it for your personal needs for the best price.

The UI is very intuitevely clear and can be learned to use in an hour, even an amateur can cope with this app. Sole AIO Interface

Also if you want to win free slots, subscription or something useful from Sole AIO team , make sure to follow its twitter page and turn on post notifications.

Sole AIO feedback Sole AIO feedback

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