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SneakerCopter is a copping bot for Mac OS and Windows. It could be installed on five unique machines. SneakerCopter offers all main tools and instruments for successful copping.

SneakerCopter is a unique bot that was made for all Meshbots users that do need real software that will help succeed on release day.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows, so you can find the app in the official stores.

So for $140 you are getting:

  • Professional software that could be launched on five different machines;
  • Autocheckout and atc service that is aimed to purchase everything without the user’s help and participation;
  • Lifetime copy of SneakerCopter;
  • Access to a private discord channel;
  • Monitors and a lot of upcoming features and improvements.

The bot is quite popular, so it sells out quite fast and restocks rarely (twice a year normally).

If you want to acquire that bot for the further resale, feel free to double the price. People are ready to pay for SneakerCopter even $350.

For now SneakerCopter is out of the stock, so if you want to become an owner of the best Windows/Mac sneaker bots across the market, you have two variants: to wait for the next restock or to follow its twitter page and participate in giveaways.

Some feedback:

SneakerCopter Feedback

SneakerCopter Feedback

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