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Sneaker Robot
The main idea of Sneaker robot is to increase chances of copping limited edition products. It supports the most widespread Shopify sites (Adidas, Footlocker, Eastbay, etc). This bot is a cross-platform software that combines user-friendly, intuitive interface and powerful filling. Proxy support, free updates, captcha solver and the other important features are implied. If you are still hesitating, visit the YouTube page to watch tutorials and make sure it works.

Sneakers are divided into two groups: junk and limited ones. You can say that it is almost impossible to purchase the latest release in a few seconds after dropping. Really? Are you sure? Let’s break down this myth and speak about a good method of resolving this trouble.

Have you ever heard about Sneakerrobot? This bot finds the latest sneaker pairs on Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay and other popular sites. It permanently looks for releases and informs you when it appears.

Yeah, captcha is a big obstacle for automatic bots but not for Sneakerrobot. Fortunately, this service has a manual captcha solver and you mustn’t spend time on this trifle – the software does it for you.

By the way, when some items are dropped, you will immediately get an SMS notification. Cool? ;)

To learn how to work with this program, creators of Sneakerrobot have tutorials on YouTube so you can watch them before buying the service. The bot works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux that makes using of it extremely convenient.

Free updates? Of course, EVERY WEEK! New features are waiting for you.

The price is not mentioned.

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