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SecrecyAIO is the Supreme Bot that was created using the latest technologies. That is why at the moment it is one of the best bots ever. It offers: the best captcha bypass, that simplifies this annoying process of fulfilling captchas; multitasking, so you can run a lot of tasks simultaneously and increase you chances; etc.

SecrecyAIO is a new Supreme bot, which is going to start working in near future. At the moment developing is in Beta-stage. What does it mean to us as usual customers? The program is running in test mode, for a limited number of users. The website is functioning only with limited permission, but we can check twitter to know all the details.

Originally it supposed to be Supreme only bot, but finally appeared to become an all-in-one tool, supporting tones of Shopify services.

Announced features are: insane checkout times, proxy support, queue bypass, custom shopify site (soon), URL/keyword/variant support. Multitasking and various profiles — that’s what we can also notice basing on program UI.

If you’d like to get a copy of SecrecyAIO, try to follow the twitter — this is the best way to stay informed about giveaways and limited releases.

SecrecyAIO will now be functional for both, Supreme and tons of Shopify sites. Price is $200, with full functionality and scrupulous support.

Program release was announced for December 14th, so it seems that new bot is coming with a little delay, but definitely soon.

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