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Octopus is the only sneaker cloud based AIO bot, that is compatible with more than 80 online stores (Shopify, Supreme, Footsites, for example). It is the most affordable software that also works on smartphones. Unfortunately for now it is out of stock, so if you want to get a copy of Octupus Bot, follow its twitter page. Regularly the team holds giveaways, so do not miss a chance of getting this bot.

Octopus Bot team’s slogan is «Destroying the competition». Well, it seems to be so, because from when we enter their website, we can see that they are definitely not like the others. Presentation is bright, clear and positive. There is not much information on the website though, so our primary enlightener this time will be twitter.

From the early start the product was announced as cloud-based AIO bot with over 80 sites supported (Shopify, Supreme, Footsites and other). It’s currently in closed beta testing, and the work is on. New sites are added every week.

For those who want to try the bot there is a recommendation to follow OctopusBots on twitter. You have a chance to get some license keys — offers and giveaways happen on occasion. Also the permanent giveaway is up for those who want to help the product, can donate some amount, but isn’t able to afford $200 for retail. Winner will get lifetime copy and lifetime proxies. Not bad.

The pricing policy at the moment is $200 for 1 year of free updates and $60 for 6 months after (info from twitter, November 6th). For now developers are going to keep their product limited, to be sure they can provide the best support for each customer.

According to twitter, here are some features of the bot:
- Multi-Endpoint search
- Cloud based
- Captcha bypass
- Full PayPal checkout
- Automatic checkout delay
- Unlimited Tasks
- Set up your bot from anywhere, mobile optimized web panel

Release is coming next year. If there will be any changes in pricing or some new features for the bot — will see.

Octopus Dashboard

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