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Adidas Bot

LatchKeyIO is a Windows and Mac OS bot that aims to help all sneakerlovers get desired items. Forget about giving extra money to resellers. Do not waste your time waiting for restocks. Do everything by yourself and enjoy your result with LatchKeyIO.

LatchKeyIO is an Adidas bot with limited membership, simple and effective.
Access to their website and purchasing are closed, but you can follow twitter for the latest info, restocks and giveaways.

LatchKeyIO team tries to keep their user base low, provide high quality support for all customers in discord and twitter. There we can find lots of reviews showing that the bot does its work well, even noted such opinions as «The best Adidas bot in the game!». Impressive!

There is not much information about the product though. Through some patchy info from team and customers tweets we can see that the bot supports multitasking, multiple locations, proxy (but works successfully even without it).

Price is $250 for lifetime copy. There were periods when LatchKeyIO worked with seasonal fees, but now it is not, after the poll made in twitter revealed that community prefer lifetime license, even with increased price.

By the way, not only restocks, but giveaways come often pretty on twitter, so if you’d like to become a part of the community, try your luck!

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