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Jamzibot Adidas

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Jamzibot Adidas
Jamzibot is an Adidas copping bot. It supports 8 regions: Great Britain, US, Canada, Austria, France, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany. After getting a license you are gaining an access to a closed discord channel where you can share your success. This bot doesn’t guarantee you having hyped sneakers but it’ll increase your chances of wearing new shoes first among your friends.

Do you like Adidas? You’re right, who doesn’t? And how many times you were trying to buy some limited sneakers you were in love with and the catch didn’t work out?

If you wish to increase your chances, it’s time to get acquainted with Adidas copping bot — Jamzibot. It is quite a new product, trying to gain its popularity on the market. Now it is not in stock, but hopefully, new copies will be available in near future.

The bot supports only Adidas website and its regions included. If you are interested in other shops, see full catalog on the website. Supported regions currently are UK, US, CA, AU, FR, SE, NL and DE. The application only supports Yeezy splash and general waiting room release types.

The application has a simple interface with a dark UI theme. Since this is a tool which will help you cop some sneakers your desire, it has some general features for this type of product as proxy support, account settings, captcha settings and tasks managing. For the moment the bot supports Windows only.

The purchase will cost you $150 for the lifetime license, which is really pleasant, also Jamzibot provides free lifetime updates for their customers. After the payment, you’ll get your license key as well as an invitation to a private Discord server for in-depth support and access to members community.

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