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Hastey Supreme is an application that is aimed to help users purchase hyped items. It costs $140 per one season(it is about 19 weeks long). If you want to prolong your subscription, you’ll get a discount. For now, it supports both Windows and Mac OS, and such regions as United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Hastey Supreme is another Supreme application, developed to help customers with fast copping.

Hastey Supreme is smooth multi-tasking application. The design is simple and clear, dark theme looks calm and unobtrusive. Based on the UI screenshot, we can notice such features as Proxy Support, Captcha Solver, Keywords search, Checkout Delay, size/color options. Also, in-store registration is under development. More features are coming in the near future.
Hastey Interface

Application supports not only Windows, but Mac operating systems as well. And provides full auto updates for both.

Price is $140 for primary seasonal purchase. Supreme is split into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons. Season duration is 19 weeks, the price for renewal is considered to be lower than initial. If you are the returning customer, you will also have a discount for renewal purchase.

Supported countries are the same as Supreme region checkouts: United-States, Canada, Europe, Japan.

The application has been running since Autumn 2018. It is currently in closed beta, you can follow twitter to be notified when more copies are available.

Since it is not a stable version, new copies are in stock only when there are no issues or troubles with the current version. Releases and giveaways are random, the last one was on November 18. They are announced on Twitter in advance. So make sure to stay tuned.

+ smooth design
+ both Mac and Windows support
+ all actual features included
- closed beta, limited copies
- seasonal fee
- Supreme only

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