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Adidas Bot

Gen5 is a new ground in bots sphere. It helps to cop Adidas limited edition products just for two clicks. Combination of JavaScript and Node.js led to one of the fastest bots on the market. Gen5 supports only Adidas online store but it’s enough for the true sneakers lover. Currently this bot supports 20 regions and more regions are expected to be added in the future. Follow its twitter for new updates and important information and make the most out of Adidas drops.

Hey, look around! People stopped staying in the queues a long time ago, so please don’t step on the same rake. Internet did not solve that problem and millions of hype clothes’ lovers try to purchase favorite items in time. Don’t want to be one of them and get Adidas releases without personal monitoring the page?

Gen5 is a progressive and multi-functional Adidas bot that does all ‘dirty work’ for you.
Firstly, it has a very simple and UX-optimized design that allows you to make out what buttons to click to start successful work as much as possible!
Secondly, Gen5 is extremely fast. That’s so because it is built with a reliable programming language such as Javascript and Node.js.

Moreover, you can save money using this bot and purchasing the newest drops the first! There is a special discount system that lets you spend less money and not waste it on commission. Hmm, double profit: wearing Adidas clothes that nobody else has yet and no overpaying for the service. Brilliantly!

The bot is aimed at Adidas and supports only its official website. If you’re ready to buy Gen5, prepare 250 USD with paid updates after 6 months for $50 every 6 months.

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