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FOGLDN Proxy Tester
Fogldn Proxy tester helps check any website in the world through any type of proxy. It supports domain IP’s, user/pass and IP authorization proxies. Fogldn allows to set up your own custom setting and to ping custom site but it is still very easy to use software that is created for sneaker community.

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is another useful tool for sneaker community, that allows directing ping times to any site via any proxy. For now it supports domain IP’s and USER:PASS/IP authorization.

This is Mac/Windows app that has the following features:

  • It can test many proxies simultaneously;
  • Compatibility and accuracy with any website;
  • It uploads all valid proxies to a txt file.

Maybe it looks like this tool is made by professionals for professionals, but the thing is that FOGLDN experts had done their best, so that everyone can use their products. Whether you are new to this proxy theme or not. Also you can always contact professional support.

Despite very user-friendly interface and simple navigation, this software is still one of the fastest and most powerful useful tools across the market.
So the combination of its simplicity and professionalism leads to the best results. You are always getting desired items.

FOGLDN Proxy Tester

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