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EZMode4Chefs Profile Filler
Create multiple accounts for bots with EZMode4Chefs. Whether you are running a remote server or a local one, you can still use EZM4C and hit min. 1 account per 3 seconds.

Fill multiple accounts for bots with EZMode4Chefs.

The main reason you should it try is to save your money on doing everything manually.

EZMode4Chefs supports a lot of bots, for example: Astro Bot, Trip.io, ANB AIO, EveAIO, yCopp, SoleSlayer, etc. You’ll have one template for all of them, that is how it actually looks: EZMode4Chefs Profile Filler
You may choose one of the following options:
Local. This mode exports(imports) all profiles to(from) bots files. This happens very fast.
Remote. You may use it if you can’t install it on your personal PC for some reasons.

The price for the one month subscription is $9.95, for three months - $26.95, this is not so much for such kind of software.

Activate/deactivate your accounts whenever you want, transfer them from one bot to another. Start using bots like a professional.

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