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Sneaker "Cook" Groups

Easycop is the first private cookgroup in Italy. Tasty as pasta, beautiful as the tower of Pisa, this group is aimed to help you cook limited items. The best of the best monitors that work on more than 100 the most popular sites and this is not the end.

The name of that Discord Server speaks for itself. EasyCop is the most simple way to cop limited edition products.
Moreover, this is the first cook group made by Italians for the whole world. It is as simple as pizza and as adorable as pasta so don’t even try to restrain yourself.

It supports more than 10 online stores all over the globe. For example: Converse, Nike Restock/New Add, Antonioli, Shopify EU and AIO monitors for more than 70 European sites. The team doesn’t stand still and develops the bot more and more.

Its twitter page is full of testimonials of happy users, check it yourself.

Unfortunately it is out of stock, so keep an eye on news on EasyCop Twitter.

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