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Mac & Windows Compatible Bot

CandyPreme is the only Supreme software that suits both beginners and professionals needs. This user-friendly app offers dark and light themed GUI and compatibility with Mac and Windows OS. The price is $120. Candypreme provides monitors, customizable options, discord and slack support, proxy tester, captcha bypass, opportune round the clock support, the best proxy testers, simple task and profile creation and more.

Tired of expensive bots that do not work as they should? Want to be the first to make a successful purchase and get your hyped items? Don’t worry, we prepared something sweet for you. Literally sweet ;)

CandyPreme is an up-to-date Supreme bot that knows what you really want. With its help, you have the best chance to buy the latest releases even if you are a beginner hypebeast. By the way, you can become a successful reseller because of being the first to have all new Supreme clothes.

This bot is compatible with Windows and MacOS so there is no problems with an access.

Permanent monitoring is also included and each new item won’t be lost sight. CandyPreme constantly keeps an eye on releases to make you happy ;)

In case of having any troubles you don’t have to tear out your hair – just message the support and the question is solved. Your communication is held in Discord. There is a proxy test to try on the service and check if everything works in an appropriate way before starting.

To make using this bot more convenient, there is a task schedule. You won’t forget what you need to do!

What about the price? It is $120 – really low for this service, isn’t it?

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