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Brisque IO is a Supreme NA/EU bot. According to its Twitter page, it grants quite good results. One license costs $175. The official website doesn’t give any details about the period of validity for that price. Bear in mind, that to learn more about the bot, you have to login with discord. To enter the website, you have to have a key. And to find the key, keep an eye on Brisque IO twitter page.

«Blazing fast, the cold-cut copping machine» — that’s how BrisqueIO, the Supreme bot, welcomes us. And that is all for now. At the moment the bot has limited copies, there is no way to buy it on the website, it allows only access for existing users, and Twitter is working mostly for testimonials and giveaways. But this is the only opportunity for getting some information, at least for now.

Talking about giveaways, BrisqueIO team managed an amazing event called Brisquemas — an epic giveaway for Christmas, with awesome stuff, from Supreme clothes and sneakers to license keys. Each day for two weeks it was a new gift.

Usual situation for this kind of applications. This product is young, but it already has more than eight thousand followers on Twitter, many positive reviews from happy customers and beta-testers.

From October 20 beta is closed, but developers assured us they will be dropping random invites across their personal accounts.

For a couple of months BrisqueIO also has real-time, end-to-end encrypted management suite — Brisque Mobile. It has dark UI theme as its «elder brother», in the menu we can see Tasks, Profiles, Proxies, Settings. So, as we see, both products support proxy and multiple profiles, which is typical of such products.

Waiting for some news in 2019, wishing good luck for the team and hope the access will become a little less limited.

Brisque IO Interface

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