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Bandit AIO

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BanditAIO bot combines more than 20 online stores all over the globe. All you need is just to create a task before the release and bot will do the rest.
It's really something criminal in technology novelty. Of course, it is a joke. But exactly you should pay attention to this server for many reasons. At first, Bandit AIO supports all Apple devices. That is why this bot is so popular, because, the share of Apple company is the hugest in the global market. So almost one in four people has an iPhone.

The main point for everybody is confidence in the security of their private lives. Bandit AIO offers proxy support to mask your IP when running multiple tasks.

Thirdly, a lot of other bots don't support multiple payment profiles, but it is not about BanditAio, which supports multiple accounts. Moreover, profiles are saved automatically.

It offers not only multiple functions. BanditAIO supports multiple tasks simultaneously.

Then, only this bot has unique technology of payment buy camera of your iPhone (only for Apple devices obviously). Bandit AIO offers convenient payment profile creation with the use of your mobile device camera.

Moreover. You will not waste your time with Captcha. The bot solves captcha automatically, using third-party service. The manual option is coming soon!

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