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Astro Bot is one of the most user-friendly Supreme bots on the market. Get your favorite limited sneakers and goods. Follow Astro bot twitter for giveaways and don’t miss a chance to own that powerful software.

Shopping is a competition against all Supreme lovers from all over the world. To win in this contest you need extraterrestrial help. We present Astro bot. With it, your chances of successful cooking will increase.

When you first open this bot, you see the pretty-looking red and white interface with the left sidebar menu and the main window. The design gives you aesthetic pleasure. Two minutes later, you figure out where to fill in personal information, add and change tasks. Two minutes you become a confident user.

Astro bot lets you customize the purchase settings ideally. For example, one feature that significantly singles out this bot is two options for a task: online (for our famous Thursday’s Sale) and in-store registration (just for online shopping). So you decide when and where to pick up your desirable clothes. What is more, when you add a new task, you can choose one of the item categories released in the current week in the drop-down menu. This menu is updated every Thursday at 6:30 am. Plus you can add size and color details to make your request more precise as usual. After creating lots of tasks, you can prioritize them. ‘What is the advantage of it?’- you may ask. Well, in this way you can inform the bot what Supreme item you want to cop first of all.

To let you sleep through the night and increase risks of you IP’s blockage, Astro bot supports proxies, which you can add in Settings. When creating a task, you can choose the certain IP address or just set the program to choose it randomly.

In-built reCAPTCHA bypass decreases the number of popping up tests. Thanks to it you don’t suffer from tons of aggressive requests and shopping time is much less irritating and more productive. After starting the selected task, they may only appear at least twice or three times.

One thing that earns admiration and respect is the Support Service. Developers constantly work on updates for the bot and release them in section Patch Nodes. There they don’t just mention the last changes but explain the benefits and functionality of them. In addition, in both program and website of Astro bot you can find another section Release guide from which young Supreme enthusiasts can get vital recommendations how to use the bot in different cases and what settings are better to choose. Don’t worry, they have Contact Support. In case of unique incident you can ask them.

Buy Astro bot and let you enjoy an astronomical number of goods you can cop with it!

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