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Another Nike Bot
Another-Nike-bot is the add-to-cart program, that helps sneaker fans get limited edition products. It supports six Nike online stores (US, Great Britain, EU, China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong). This AIO bot works for retailers other than Nike, for example: Footlocker, KB 24, Finishline and more.

AnotherNikeBot provides everything you need for successful copping: Nike bot, Supreme bot, AIO bot, multiple additional packages, AIO servers, three kinds of proxies.

Let’s talk about the bots first, particularly AIO bot. Price is $375, you’ll get free updates for six months. If you want all the power, you can also purchase an additional license for unlimited tasks. Otherwise, you still can use 100 accounts for your copping and advanced features as multithreading, link monitor, product search, providing keywords, auto credit card checkout on all sites, account creator, auto retry checkout, retry on failure, express checkout, Email/SMS notifications, proxy support.

AIO bot is a standalone application, not a chrome extension. It will be locked to one computer, but you can buy an additional license which allows to use it on another device. It will cost $200. Same with ANB Nike Bot.

Works on Windows and Mac (under a virtual machine, tutorial provided).

If you would like to work only with Nike, look at ANB Nike Bot BETA — $299 for unlimited accounts. In the case of Supreme, check ANB Supreme Bot. Its price is $100-350, depending on the number of accounts (from 10 to 40).

There are three kinds of proxies: for general releases, Yeezys and Supreme. Choose from 10 ($20) to 100 Proxies ($150) for 24 hours — supports Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Footsites, Supreme and more, depending on your package. Shoe proxies help enhance your sneaker bot’s copping power, along with increasing your copping chance.

Another helpful service provided is Sneaker Server, dedicated and optimized for maximum performance during limited item releases. Using servers, bots get a smoother, faster and more reliable connection with sneaker sites. Choose from LA or Buffalo location and different packages, depending on your goals. 1 Gbps network speed server with pre-installed AIO bot will cost from $59 to $189 per month.

Not sure yet? Check out some news and customers reviews on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or even built-in Blog on ANB website.

Every bot comes with readme file to help with installation. As for support, it is available via TeamViewer, Skype, Email and Twitter. ANB will assist you in running the bot and setting it up correctly.

Their products are not cheap, you can find many alternatives with the lower price.

But nearly 40 thousand followers on Twitter, over 175 thousand successful cops, happy customers, 98% support satisfaction rate according to Zendesk, advanced features and a full package of services — that is what ANB can offer.

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