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ANB Supreme bot


ANB Supreme bot
Supreme Bot is created in order to buy limited Supreme products. You will not have a chance to miss a limited edition thing with instant email/sms notifications and automatic check. Moreover, Supreme bot supports more than one account and runs multiple emails simultaneously.

ANB Supreme Bot is made for those who want to purchase limited items from Supreme New York. It is developed by Anothernikebot (ANB) Team. Their AIO Bot is one of the most famous products of this type. The bot is aimed to minimize «already sold» problems as much as possible. Fast adding to cart and checkout are declared.

When you open pricing page, the website suggests purchasing the bot with 10% discount. Nice addition to the product. Prices are $100.00, $200 and $350 for 10, 20 and 50 accounts, respectively. The more accounts you have, the higher chances to get items you wish are. By the way, Ultimate Supreme Bot is available in Shop as a single product.

Purchase guarantees free updates for 6 months. After that, there will be a small fee in case of major updates or when the type of captcha will be changed.

Supreme Bot is not another browser extension, but a standalone program. It is designed mostly for Windows users. Those who have MAC should install Virtual Machine first. System requirements for Windows are 4 GB RAM (6 recommended) and 2 Cores CPU (4 Cores recommended). For Mac, there are 6-8 GB RAM and 3.2 GB of disk space for installation.

There are no screenshots of the program itself, but you can have a look at it in promo video directly on the product page. Also, Support button at the bottom provides some help with configuring and system requirements info. There you can find a technical video about program installation.

Speaking about support, it seems extra responsive. Besides video tutorials, expert team is able to help with installation and correcting setup via TeamViewer, Skype, Email or Twitter.
There is even a permission to contact customers if someone still has questions. But since tutorials are really detailed, I don’t think these questions may appear, even if it’s the first bot you use. Screenshots, tweets and customer reviews are available as well.

Bot supports running from multiple emails, automatic credit card checkout (and retry if necessary), it is able to monitor a specific link and buy an item when it’s available. Maximum stability: bot makes retries after crashes, plus website failures don’t affect it much. Proxy support allows avoiding bans.

What can I say, it looks like the entire experience of ANB team was devoted to the development of new bot, this time — for Supreme fans.

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