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AhChoo Bot

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AhChoo bot is another sneaker copping bot on the market. Main features: proxy support, multiple accounts, checkout, Nike regular releases, support, multiple tasks, discord web-hook support. The bot was created at the beginning of 2018 and still is in beta version. The team tries to create the best Nike SNKRS bot that will meet the needs of all users.

Meet AhChoo bot — little helper in your copping vacation. Bot works with Nike SNKRS, Supreme, Shopify sites. Professional, fast, reliable desktop application, for the time being in private beta.

There is no shop or website available for now, so let’s visit Twitter for our first acquaintance with the product.

Here are some features we’ve got to know about the bot from patchy information on twitter:

  • Captcha bypass
  • Restock monitor
  • Discord support and notifications
  • Developer mode
  • Proxy support
  • Multithreaded
  • Multiple accounts
  • Advanced anti-bot detection
  • Nike Anti-Account Ban
  • Nike SNKRS Proxy checker
  • Friendly UI
  • Discord Web-Hook support
  • Fast checkout
  • Light simple interface with no surprises or difficulties

Work is still in progress, so we are able to have more info and features in future. For now that limited number of customers seem to be satisfied with the application and how it is doing its job.

Developers are open to suggestions and appreciate customers' interest in their product. Beta openings comes with users activity, so follow twitter to stay tuned and get your chances!

This is the current UI. It seems to be easy and user-friendly.
AhChoo Bot Interface

Follow AhChoo bot’s Twitter for more information, tutorials, success, regular news and giveaways.

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