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AdiCop is compatible with three major OS and supports anticaptcha service. Get immediate access to the bot after verifying the payment.

Adicop is being developed since march 2017, the latest version is Adicop 3.0, it has been released in April 2018. After that there were no news about the product even on twitter, and the website is closed.

Anyway, Adicop is Adidas bot, even, as twitter says, «the most advanced Adidas bot», aimed to simplify your online shopping and do most of the work on his own. Give a task, needed keywords and let the bot do what he is developed for: search and cop.

There on twitter we can see a short video showing working process. Seems good, light and dark interface themes, simple and clear. Menu consists of Creating tasks (assuming multitasking), Task overview, Proxy manager, Splash bruteforcer, Settings, Captcha. The bot works correctly even without side Proxies and Captcha provider, according to customers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much more about the application we can search out.

Customers reviews are positive, but there are few, so such amount of tweets can’t make us able to build up more or less full opinion on the product.

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